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The imagery in "The Gift" depicts a message of hope–of carrying it, receiving it and offering it. The cycle of hope lost and hope regained makes many revolutions in a lifetime, some in greater destruction and restoration than others. This painting invites you to fill in the details, to contemplate your own current interpretation of the light she carries and consider how the interpretation of her carrying it might change at different moments in your life. The Biblical definition of hope is to hold the confident expectation of what God has promised. Instead of only a desire for something good to come, I have learned that hope in God offers a confident expectation because his character is faithful to provide and restore.


This piece is available for a limited time in commemoration of Beauty from Ashes.


Canvas Wrap

  • 12" x 12" Artist-Grade Canvas
  • 1.25” Depth
  • Finished Backing
  • Corner Bumpers
  • Metal Screw Fasteners
  • Black Outer Wrap

The Gift by Mera Oliveria (12" x 12" Canvas Wrap)

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