Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts Foundation

a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation registered in the State of Oregon

17575 Highway 66

Ashland, OR 97520

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Partner with us to Infuse the light
of Christ into the Culture of the Arts!

Partner in the exciting work of Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts Foundation. Your gifts will infuse the light of Christ into the culture of the arts by contributing to elaborate art exhibits of Biblically themed fine art available for traveling tours, and through workshops and conferences to equip emerging artists with a high degree of technical excellence for the glory of God.

You can support the following Masterpiece campaigns with a gift now through PayPal:

Ongoing Impact for Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts

Scholarship fund

Biblical Art Commission fund

Words In Red Traveling Exhibit

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

-Ron DiCianni


for the developments of the newly proposed Magna Deo project for Ashland, Oregon - a church and cultural center dedicated to the reawakening of the truth, grace, beauty and nobility of Christianity through the vehicle of the fine arts.

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