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Masterpiece's 17th annual conference!

JULY 27, 28TH AND 29TH be energized,  equipped and inspired at our annual Artist, Musician, Songwriter and Film makers conference in Ashland, Oregon

Dan Chen art excursion_edited.jpg

Two Day Art Excursion

Nov. 11th & 12th, 2022

Dan Chen Studio Tour and
Collaborative Workshop

An Art Celebration of the Bounty and Goodness of God
As we celebrated the season of gratefulness for the bounties from God, guests enjoyed this two day art adventure, Day One - featured a demonstration by Dan Chen in his truly awe-inspiring studio, surrounded by decades of his stunning creative works. Then artists joined a creation party with a project of their own  bringing our creativity to bear creating individual twists on the culinary theme.  Artists Shared the joy, Shared ideas. Created. Forged. Painted, Sculpted, Carved.  Jeanne Randall, Masterpiece President and founder shared about the joyous Biblical role of feasts and food.  

Exhibit honoring the l osses of the fires in Wouthern Oregon and hope for the survivors
Beauty From Ashes
hosted Sept. 8th - 10th, 2021
Benefit Art Exhibit and online Auction

This  Benefit exhibit was dedicated to remembering and commemorating the Sept. 8th, 2020 fires in Southern Oregon, their devastation, impact and trauma to the families, lives and businesses  severely altered by this catastrophic event. They are not forgotten. 


Masterpiece hosted a commemorative service with music and words of  remembrance, comfort, and hope based on Isaiah 61.  Over $3800 was raised, a significant portion of which was distributed helping fire survivors recover.


Host: Empowered Life Church

Talent, Oregon
Artwork:  Phoenix Rising by Jennifer Garrett

Civic and church leaders in Versailles, France have invited Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts and the Words in Red enhanced traveling exhibit to come for an art/faith cultural exchange in partnership with Notre Dame du Grandchamp School and the Catholic Diocese of Versailles in April 2021 for the Easter season and Holy Days.  
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