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jeanne Randall, President of Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts Foundation
President & Director

Jeanne Randall is the President and founder of Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts Foundation. She is a graduate of Seattle Pacific University with a degree in elementary education and has served on the local school board for 14 years. She is passionate about watching artists reach their full potential as uniquely gifted by God to speak powerfully into our current culture. She has been the curator and catalyst for the Masterpiece fine arts traveling exhibits which have been exhibited to over 45,000 guests in major cities throughout the West and Southwest. Since 2006, she has been the director and speaker at Masterpiece conferences. She served 15 years as event coordinator of the Green Springs Box R Ranch, a guest and retreat ranch and wedding venue in Ashland, Oregon which was operated by her family for over 45 years. Jeanne is also a trustee for Rowlett Family Trust and manages Box R Ranch Land and Cattle LLC and Capstone Development LLC.

Julie Ballon board member Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts
Business Entrepreneur/Board Member

Julie is an American living abroad in Versailles, France. She is an entrepreneur, former Director of the U.S. Embassy Employee Association in Paris, and currently as an educator, real estate agent and mother of three teenagers in Versailles. She has a Masters in Business from Hult International Business School in London and teaches American Civilization, International Marketing, and Entrepreneurship and  Business English part-time at Notre Dame du Grand Champ, a fine arts Catholic University in Versailles. She has a deep passion to see the American Christian art culture accelerate its cultural and spiritual impact through a quest for technical excellence as in other periods of European history with an expanding presence in U.S. cities and abroad.

Ron DiCianni board member Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts Foundationphoto
Artist/Board Member

After attending the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Ron embarked on a career in commercial illustration. Quickly recognized as one of the nation’s most talented illustrators, Ron’s client list was soon dominated by the top companies in America. One passion still overshadowed that success: the desire to reclaim the Arts for Christ. In 1989, he produced the painting that started a revolution: Spiritual Warfare. What began with one painting led into a whole market for Christian-themed art. Ron is passionate about his art and Jesus Christ. He has produced hundreds of Biblically-themed pieces of art, including his 40-foot Resurrection mural, a permanent installation at the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas. Ron will continue to raise the bar for Christian artists. He currently works from his studio in Temecula, California.

Willem van Wyk
Musician/Tech Executive/Board Member

Willem is a Redmond, Oregon based designer and film and media composer. His music has been used in a variety of multi-award-winning independent feature-length and short films, social media campaigns, videos, and art.  For 12 years, Willem served as the President and CEO of ShareFaith Inc., a faith-based tech firm serving over 18,000 churches worldwide. An experienced tech executive, he now uses that experience and knowledge in his work and branding as a musician and composer as well as assisting various non-profits with branding and development. Willem specializes in the cinematic composition and sound design style often referred to as classical cross-over, and he adds a tint of world-fusion.  He is father to two beautiful daughters.

Sandy Cathcart board member Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts Foundation
Writer/Author/Artist/Board Secretary

Sandy is a freelance writer, photographer, and artist. She has published several hundred articles and photos in national and regional magazines. Sandy and her husband have served as guides and  wilderness outfitters for many years, giving her a source of inspiration for her books and articles. She writes about Creator and everything wild. Her recent books include Wild Woman—a Daughter's Search for a Father's Love, and Eagle People Journal.

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