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We welcome you to take the next step to be an exciting part of the Masterpiece Family of artists and friends.  You can become an artist member (three levels) or a Patron member starting at $100 per year.  


An Associate member is an artist identifying with the faith based art community, pursuing a role for a Biblical worldview in art culture.


Benefits include an artists devotional, discounted tuition at Masterpiece conferences, and discounted or free videos and product offerings and hosted events. Associate level members have opportunity at no extra cost to become a Prima or Pinnacle level member through an annual juried application and induction process. 

You have the opportunity to gain recognition at no extra or through annual jury process each year beginning March 15th for $100/y or $25/quarter. 


Prima members enjoy all the benefits of an associate member and additionally demonstrate a significant level of professional achievement and technical merit as demonstrated in at least one career solo exhibit or ongoing gallery representation, and/or have been a featured artist in a trade publication, or has a juried status into another recognized national art association.


As well, the member has produced at least three pieces of Biblically themed works. Artists will be featured on the Masterpiece member gallery with listing, website link, and one piece of featured artwork. Induction to the Prima status is a lifetime induction for all members who maintain their annual membership. Induction application is available after March 15th each year and should be received by June 1st. Notification of induction will be given by July 1st, each year. 


A Pinnacle Member enjoys all the benefits of an associate member and additionally exhibits an exceptional level of professional merit and achievement in their field, having representation in at least one national show or as a featured artist one major industry art publication and have ongoing gallery representation, and/or private showings. Pinnacle level members have produced at least 5 pieces of Biblically themed art.  Artists will be featured on the Masterpiece website with listing, website link, and three pieces of their work featured. Induction to the Pinnacle status is a lifetime induction for all members who maintain their annual membership for at least five years.

All applications will be approved on an individual basis and all applicants meeting the established criteria are eligible for approval. 


Like Gideon, we cannot accomplish the God-given task alone.  Patrons are an essential element of the organization, contributing annually to undergird the mission of Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts Foundation. Benefits include receiving newsletter updates, discounted purchase of select products from website, discounted or free teaching videos, attendance at conferences, workshops for self or family member. Gifts may be in cash or goods received.

  • SISTINE LIFETIME : Endowment gift

  • LUMINARY MEMBER$5,000/y OR $1,250/q

  • CRESCENDO MEMBER: $2,500/y OR $625/q

  • CITADEL MEMBER: $1,000/y OR $250/q

  • IGNITER: $500/y OR $125/q

  • TORCH BEARER/FRIEND: $100/y OR $25/q

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