Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts Foundation

a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation registered in the State of Oregon

17575 Highway 66

Ashland, OR 97520

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Connecting Culture to Christ through Fine Art

Since 2007

Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts Foundation seeks to support the development and exhibition of Biblically themed fine art with a three-fold strategy of goals: 

Realizing that we live in a sight and sound driven culture, Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts seeks to "go into all the world" through the means of visuals. The chosen vehicle is exhibits in major cities and public places of master works of fine art created by lead artists, both historic and present day, which convey God's love, truth, beauty and plan for redemption. We seek to give hope to the lost, encouragement to the fellowship of Believers, and through workshops and conferences, equip emerging artists for the glory of God.


magna deo project



Masterpiece also is pursuing a regional project in Southern Oregon - A cultural center and church dedicated to a  reawakening of  the truth, grace, beauty and nobility of Christianity through fine art.


Magna according to the free Latin Dictionary. um| major -or -us|  maximus -a -um ADJ large|   great; powerful; broad; extensive;     Deo singular form of the word dues, “God”


Much like the cathedrals of old,  collectively we can build an edifice to the glory of God - a unique opportunity in our lifetime to communicate the gospel of  Christi via the fine arts.  Prayerfully consider the calling to use your gifts and talents as building blocks for the Magna Deo project.


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