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From the artist:

My husband's parents lost their home in the Almeda fire with less than five minutes notice to leave. They drove away seeing the flames in their rearview mirror. When we were finally allowed in to see the destruction, everything was gone, burned to the ground, except for a few standing metal pieces on the porch and a small plaster statue of this angel. 


The angel was given to my mother in law by her mother. We have since learned that there were at least six other angels left standing throughout the Alameda Fire in very precarious places where everything else around them was burned to the ground.


Thank you, Lord—you always find ways to assure us of your presence in the most difficult circumstances. It is You who stands with us in the fire.


12" x 16" Original Framed Oil on Linen

Standing in the Fire by Charity Hubbard (12" x 16" Original Framed Oil on Linen)

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