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Have you ever wondered how Mary planned for her baby’s arrival knowing she carried the Son of God in her womb? Did she make special arrangements or envision how God would provide the perfect time and place worthy of Immanuel’s birth? Would it be a quiet place with just her and Joseph or a special event? She probably pictured a hundred different way, but most likely never considered a stable so far away from home. Yet, in God’s sovereign plan this is exactly how Immanuel came into this world. It was there she laid His tiny, precious body in a straw-filled trough from which animals ate. Not only did God come to man as a baby, but He was born in the most humble circumstances. This birth of the Highest and Holiest in a stable seemed to foretell his life 33 years later when Jesus, sinless Himself, took on the sins of humanity and died on the cross as our sacrifice. That was the purpose of His birth…to save from sin and provide a way for mankind to once again have a personal relationship with God.  Specifics: Printed on 100% acid-free, 80# Patina Matte paper with the highest UV rated inks available on the market today.  Comes in two sizes 24 x 18 or 11 x 14.

Immanuel God With Us fine art print by Michele Struss (2 sizes)

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