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healing of the Blind Man by Brian Jekelblind man

Shown: "Healing of the Blind Man"  Brian Jekel  (1951 -   )

Connecting culture to Christ through fine art since 2007

Our partnering artists give exquisite substance to this observance on May 5th.  Masterpiece recognizes the importance and the uniqueness in history of a nation that observes a National Day of Prayer.  It is actually by law presidents of the United States must continue this act and tradition. Incredible. God answers prayers.
MCFAF 2021 Ashland Award.jpg

We are honored to be recognized by the Ashland Foundation as the Best of Ashland 2021 Non-profit Organization!

See our Magna Deo Capital Campaign Vision Cast 

as we stay true to the mission of visually connecting culture to Christ through fine art and continue creating impactful art for our generation!

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Learn about our mission, our vision, leadership team, and the role we play with our communities and artists across the country and world!

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