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Sacred Art - The Resurrection Through the Eyes of an Artist chronicles internationally acclaimed artist Ron DiCianni's journey of re-imagining the most breathtaking event in history - the resurrection of Jesus Christ - as he set about creating the world's largest contemporary Fine Art depiction of the resurrection. Based on The Resurrection Mural, which has already impacted over 4 million viewers, Sacred Art is a journey of discovery, encouragement and faith. This 96 page hardcover book features unique design treatments and exquisite printing to ensure that the message comes through clearly - Jesus Christ, the Risen Savior of the World.


About Ron DiCianni:

Ron DiCianni is the nation's top Christian Fine Artist. His painting has graced museums, galleries and millions of homes world wide with the message of Christ and Biblical truths. A 7 time winner of the ECPA Gold Medallion for Excellence in Christian publishing, Sacred Art is his 34th Christian book.

Sacred Art: The Resurrection Through the Eyes of an Artist by Ron DiCianni