Take your gifts and talents from Mundane to Mastery.  June 16th join other young artists and musicians from Southern Oregon at this energizing event. Drawing, guitar mastery techniques, digital drawing, music theory with Michael Farley and Jennifer Garrett.  Half day or full day sessions. See details  $30/$60 . And purchase tickets in our store.  

See why Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts Foundation is winning the hearts and minds of artists of faith and influencing culture through their workshops and conferences.

Two Upcoming Workshops: Sept. 29th, 2018

Painting Live Before Congregations

From her many years of experience in this field Phoenix artist Elena Eros (pronounced Erosh) will take participants in this workshop from idea to a concept, from a concept to sketch, from a sketch. Art materials, media, canvas size and light. Prayer and research. Dressing up & preparation of the stage. Working with a Worship Pastor and his team. Interaction with people after the end of the service. Talking to the audience and answering questions.  Elena has become one of the premier Biblical artists working with a wide variety of churches and has gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise from her experience. 12:30 - 2:30 at Wayside Chapel, 401 N. St Rte. 89A, Sedona, AZ

$30 ( Or $40 for both workshops)  Register here


Bezalel: The History, Impact and Future of Biblical Art 

with Elena Eros

3:00 - 4:30 p.m. at Wayside Chapel

401 N. st. Route 89A, Sedona, Arizona


Brief History of Biblical Art. Art in Roman catacombs.

Who was Bezalel and his place in God’s economy?

The importance of visual art.  Does Biblical Art still exist?

Art & health.  Art and education.  

Biblical art and Churches today.  Future of Biblical Art.

Jerusalem’s Bezalel School of Fine Art

$15 - Advanced registration or at the door

or $40 for both workshops  Register here

Thank you to 

JoAnn Peralta,  and  Brittany Westling  for creating a phenom experience for all who attended our 13th annual conference June 14 - 17th

 Portraiture/Figurative and Still Life Classes 

plus Peggie Foy and Jennifer Garrett, Jessica Kroll and Michael Farley for hosting 

Intro to Mosaics, Wire Entwined Stone Jewelry Workshop

and Worship

All hosted at  the beautiful Ashland Hills Hotel and Conference Center

2017/2018 Exhibits Words In Red, - the Direct Uncensored, Provocative Words of Jesus.
Take a gallery stroll with Nicodemus at Night, The Woman at the Well, Healing of the Blind Beggar, The Woman Caught in Adultery, the demise of the demon possessed pigs, the crucifixion, the resurrected Christ on the shore of Galilee, a visual plethora of compelling artistically rendered scenes by contemporary art legends Michael Dudash, Ron DiCianni, Frank Ordaz, Chris Hopkins, Glenn Harrington, Mick McGinty, Dan Chen and more. And original cinematic Words in Red music score, "Sanctus" by Willem Van Wyk (Sample here and download at wordsinredmusic.com)

Purchase the Gallery Guide with full visual tour via images of the entire show.
2018 Schedule
July 10 - 29th
Christ Cathedral, Welcoming Center
Garden Grove, California
Sept. 1 - 28th
Wayside Chapel
Sedona, Arizona

Premier  Our 2017/2018 Traveling Exhibit,Words in Red premiers March 23, 2017 in Lake Oswego, Oregon at the Lakewood Center for the Arts.  
 Lakewood Center for the Arts
March 23 - 26th, 2017

Admission in all exhibits is free to the public 

Concordia University Library
April 3 - 30th, 2017  

Eugene, Oregon
Pacific Rim Gallery
May 5th - 27th

Ashland, Oregon
Rogue Coworks
Gala Opening July 1st  $10/$12 at door
July 1 - 23rd

Other 2018 destination cities:
Eagle Point, Oregon Trial Christian Fellowship March 25 - April 1st.
Los Angeles July 9 - 30th, 2018  at Christ Cathedral
October 2018 in Sedona at Wayside Chapel and Adonai Gallery

Other traveling exhibits: 

Birds, Beasts and Beauty Exhibit    2012/2013/2014

the Genesis to Revelation Alliance with the Animals.   

Order the gallery art book here.

This fascinating exhibit has been enjoyed by over 15,000 guests in 6 major West Coast cities in 2012  - 2014. The exhibit gallery/museum format creates a powerful visual journey to introduce and infuse the light of Christ into the lives of visitors and into the fine arts culture on the West Coast. Other targeted cities are Sedona, San Diego, San Francisco, Ashland and Portland, Oregon.  
Birds, Beasts and Beauty -The Genesis to Revelation Alliance with Animals Exhibit
Portland, Oregon at Concordia University Library, 2800 NE Liberty Ave., Portland
 February 1 - 28th, 2014
 Ashland, Oregon Premier Opening,  Pioneer Hall at Lithia Park
July 25th - 29th, 2013
Southern California Premier Opening
March 23 - April 11th*, 2013 Rancho Community Church, Temucula, CA.

Sedona, Arizona, Wayside Chapel

Oct 3-Nov. 4,  2012

 Fort Worth, Texas, Fort Worth Community Arts Center

August 3 - 30th, 2012

Let There Be Light Exhibit      2008-2010

Order the art Gallery Guide here.
Premier Feb. - March 2008 Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, CA.

October/November 2008  Overlake Community Church, Seattle, WA.

Feb./ March 2009 Galleria Pierra, Dallas, TX.

June - October 2009  Museum of Biblical Art , Dallas Texas

Over 90 paintings and sculptures that illuminate the sacred and the bold. The 2008/2009 "Let There Be Light" exhibit portrayed the revelation of God from creation through the ultimate revelation of Jesus Christ, the Light of the World. This powerful exhibit featured more than 90 pieces of illuminating art by such renowned artists as Thomas Blackshear, Ron DiCianni, Michael Dudash, Daniel Gerhartz, Chris Hopkins, Frank Ordaz, C.W. Mundy, Tom Dubois, Dennis Lewis and many other talented artists who desire their works to portray truth on canvas. Order the exhibit art book here.

....Many of these artists have been sought after by the U.S. Government to immortalize events and presidents, by Hollywood, by highly successful sports figures to commemorate their achievements, by major corporations to sell their products, and by dignitaries from across the world…men and women in the prime of their successful careers whose real heart desire is to serve Christ and His Kingdom and make their art to His glory. They have desired to put together a collection of pieces that can communicate the truth of God’s revelation to mankind through artistic images. Images that bring light to a dark world in hopes that the transforming power of Christ will fill the heart and minds of those who view them.

The "Let There Be Light" exhibit opened March 14th, 2008 at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California. Featured were 90 paintings and sculptures by 22 artists from across the country. Never before have this many signature pieces of art by top Christian artists been assembled in one showing. The show  featured such masterpiece works as "Forgiven" by Thomas Blackshear and "In the Wilderness" by RonDiCianni. Order the exhibit art book here.