above: The Annunciation

Charcoal and Chalk

Let There Be Light exhibit

by Mike Wimmer







 "Our culture knows it well. Powerful leaders know it, successful companies know it, and those who seek to influence us in all kinds of ways, barrage us with them constantly. Images. They speak a universal language. For good or for evil, images successfully shape our thoughts and our feelings, our actions and our attitudes. Throughout history, they always have and they always will. "

Jeanne Randall, founder

Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts Foundation

Mission Statement

 Visually Communicating Christ to Culture through Fine Art since 2007

Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts Foundation seeks to support the development and exhibition of Biblically themed fine art with a three-fold strategy of goals: 

Realizing that we live in a sight and sound driven culture, Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts seeks to "go into all the world ," through the means of visuals. The chosen vehicle is exhibits in major cities and public places of master works of fine art created by lead artists, both historic and present day, which convey God's love, truth, beauty and plan for redemption. We seek to give hope to the lost, encouragement to the fellowship of Believers, and through workshops and conferences to equip emerging artists for the glory of God.
Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts - Mission statement

Board of Directors

Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts Foundation originated out of the passion of founder Jeanne Randall, who has served as director of the Masterpiece Christian Artist conferences held annually at the Box R Ranch in Ashland, Oregon. Now Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts Foundation is guided by a talented, passionate and experienced board of directors who are committed to engaging the culture with powerful images of art that communicate the message of Christ.

Jeanne Randall,

Jeanne Randall is the President and founder of Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts Foundation. She is a graduate of Seattle Pacific University with a degree in elementary education and has served on the local school board for 12 years.

She is passionate about watching artists reach their full potential as uniquely gifted by God to "speak" powerfully into our current culture. She has been the curator and catalyst for the Masterpiece fine arts traveling exhibits "Let There Be Light" and "Birds, Beasts and Beauty" and "Words in Red" which have been exhibited to over 45,000 guests in major cities throughout the West and Southwest. She has been the director and speaker at Masterpiece conferences since 2006.   She also served as event coordinator of the Green Springs Box R Ranch , a guest and retreat ranch in Ashland, Oregon which was operated by her family for over 45 years.  She also is a trustee for  Rowlett Family Trust  and manages their Box R Ranch Land and Cattle LLC and Capstone Development LLC.

Jennifer Hawk, Vice President

Jennifer grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. She received a B. S. in Biology from Kennesaw State University in Georgia. She is married and has two children. She has sat on the board of Blackhawk Equestrian Center, Increase Inc, and the Rowlett FamilyTrust. Jennifer oversees several business ventures with her husband including My  Tea Lady LLC and Hawk Hill Farms LLC. She currently resides in Georgia.

Willem (Hein)  van Wyk

Willem is a film,  media composer (BMI) based in Medford, Oregon. His music has been used in a variety of multi-award-winning independent feature-length and short films, social media campaigns, video and art. Willem works primarily with virtual instruments, combined with live vocals and sound-design. By day a tech executive and by night a musician and composer. Husband to a fabulously talented artist-wife, and father to two beautiful daughters. Willem specializes in cinematic composition and sound design often referred to as classical cross-over with a tint of world-fusion.

Ron DiCianni

After attending the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Ron embarked on a career in commercial illustration. Quickly recognized as one of the nation’s most talented illustrators, Ron’s client list was soon dominated by the top companies in America. One passion still overshadowed that success… the desire to reclaim the Arts for Christ.In 1989, he produced the painting that started a revolution…Spiritual Warfare. What began with one painting led into a whole market for Christian themed art. Ron is passionate about his art and Jesus Christ. Ron will continue to lift the bar of vision for Christian artists. He currently teaches art at Rancho Christian School and Community Workshops series in Temecula, California. See Ron’s work at: www.tapestryproductions.com

Melanie Cardinal 

Melanie E. Cardinal graduated with a B.A. in Telecommunication with an emphasis in film and video production from Southern Oregon University. She worked for the ABC news station in Medford, Oregon for over ten years in production; directing, cameras, editing commercials, audio, creating graphics and helping run the production staff. She also worked behind the scenes in concert marketing and logistics for 9 years. She has volunteered her time to many non profit organizations in the Rogue Valley including Masterpiece since 2009. She is a photographer/mixed media artist who has shown her works throughout Oregon. She is married and is a new mother.

Sandy Cathcart - Secretary

Sandy is a freelance writer, photographer and artist. She has published several hundred articles and photos in national and regional magazines. Sandy and her husband have served as guides and  wilderness outfitters for many years, giving her a source of inspiration for her books and articles. She writes about Creator and everything wild. her recent books include Wild Woman- a Daughter's Search for a Father's Love, and Eagle People Journal.   www.sandycathcartauthor.com

Advisory Board

C. Michael Dudash

C. Michael Dudash’s long and successful career has been recognized by many internationally known names and institutions, his work being a part of permanent collections in Hollywood, Fortune 500 companies, and in such as The Booth Western Art Museum, the Dallas Biblical Art Museum & the Pearce Collection Museum . He is a regular instructor and lecturer at many schools and industry organizations. He been featured in Art of the West, Southwest Art, and Western Art Collector magazine. He is distinguished as one of the most accomplished artists of this generation as well as one of the lead painters of heartfelt Christian art working of our generation.