Our Exhibits

We are currently calling for entries for our next touring exhibit Words in Red.  
Details available here now.

2015 Southeast Christian Art Conference exhibit featured Pensacola's Brian Jekel.  Brian has created a mind-staggering 1200 Biblically themed images in his lifetime! 

Birds, Beasts, & Beauty-the Genesis to Revelation Alliance with Animals

West Coast tour 2012-2014

"I don’t think I have ever received so many positive comments for an exhibit before – I know the Lord has touched lives, seeds have been planted, and honestly, I have never found it easier to talk about the word than I have while describing the art in this exhibit.  "            Linda Church - Arts and Culture director, Concordia University, Portland, Or

 2012 - 2014 tour

Fort Worth, Sedona, San Diego, Ashland, Eugene, Portland


Using a popular cultural interest - the fascination with and love of animals - Birds, Beasts and Beauty weaves the gospel and truths about God through the animal narratives in the Biblical record.

A fine art visual journey with the animals. From Genesis to Revelation experience their magnificence, their prominence, and their uniquely designed connection with the heart of God and man. Contemporary masterful artists join historic masters for this dynamic 45 piece exhibit including works by nationally acclaimed artists Ron DiCianni (the Resurrection Mural), Michael Dudash, Chris Hopkins, Dan Chen, Mick McGinty, Frank Ordaz, Tom duBois, historic masters and more.  


Our Conferences and Workshops

                 2016 Masterpiece Christian                         Artist Conference and Workshops

                April 28th - May 1st, 2016

     at the beautiful Sunriver Resort in                                     Sunriver, Oregon.

See photos from this inspiring gathering of artists here.


AND  Training the next generation of artists in 2017!  Artists Ages 14 - 30 jump start your career and fuse your art and faith. Watch for 2017 conference schedule soon. Sampling from our NexGen Tulsa 2015 conference below


Other News:

Summer Youth Drawing Class

Drawing With Realism in Pencil

With Award Winning Graphite 

Artist Kim Ragsdale

6 week course

June 24 - August 5th

Fridays in Ashland, Oregon

See full details here

Register here

The Magna Deo vision
and the National Day of Prayer

Thank you to those who joined us on May 5th for the National Day of Prayer dinner and observance. We joined those around our country in asking the Almighty God of Exodus 3:14 to bring a spiritual awakening to our region and our country .  We prayed specifically for 7 realms of culture including the arts in culture.   Thank you to our beautiful and artistic table hosts Edna Gray Hanscom, Terri Weaver and Janis Curtis and to Ashland Christian Fellowship who provided a safe haven when thunderstorms prevented us from hosting in our original Lithia Park venue.  

Take a glimpse of Masterpiece's  Magna Deo vision, a church and cultural center dedicated  the reawakening of the truth, grace, beauty and nobility of Christianity through the vehicle of the fine arts in Ashland, Oregon. You can help to make this a reality by giving a targeted gift or becoming a member today.

Dinner/Luncheon Clubs

Host or join a dinner or luncheon  club in your city....

Attend the next dinner or luncheon  at one of the  clubs below. Clubs  meet twice a year  in the spring and in the fall. The suggested  donation is $80 per couple for a complete masterpiece meal prepared by our volunteer host/hostesses. Click on the city below to contact the host/hostess and confirm your next dining date, location and details. One ticket per  guest.  Or consider becoming a host for a dining club in your city to benefit the mission and projects of Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts

Georgia: Fayetteville
Oregon: Ashland-Greensprings
France: Versailles